Mary Rose Binche
The Wandering Albatross & Other Stories

Oct 8 -31 2015



‘Your Albatross, let it go, let it go ...


Though it’s soaring still above your head, let it go ...’  


Bastille, The Weight of Living


‘The story of this exhibition begins with the Albatross which initially came into my head courtesy of Bastille’s song The Weight of Living.’ AsMary Rose Binchy thought about and drew this magnificent bird, she began to see it, not as a symbol of  unwanted burden, but instead as an emblem of power, of beauty and endurance - a spirit soaring skywards, companion to the gods.


‘Thinking further about flight and journeys, I was led back into the world of the ancient classics – a world of storytelling, filled with images of gods and the elements, of birds and beasts, of constellations and revered and contested territories.’


These stories come to us from another earlier time yet they have been told and retold over centuries. They help us to understand our world and our place within it, and in doing so theyillustrate the timelessness of art in all its forms and underline its role as ‘la ligne de vie’ (Magritte),  a life line and finding place for the always existing and seeking human spirit.


Surely the hope is a story can stay open

with its anthem of small details singing,

its cup still on the dresser


and all of it unfinished in this form

that needs little enough to become a hymn

to the durable and daily implement, the stored

possibility of another day. And nothing more.


From “An Irish Georgic” by Eavan Boland,  A Woman Without a Country, Carcanet,  2014