Graham Chorlton


Preview Thursday 9th April, 6-8pm.
Exhibition continues until 2nd May, 2015



The title Pavilion was inspired by the American Pavilion at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels (Expo 58). Graham found these images in a family photo album purchased at the flea market in Brussels, and subsequently researched it. The Fair was the first since the end of the Second World War and so was touched by a modernist optimism for the future, but also with national rivalries, Cold War tension etc. The pavilion now only exists in photographs.

The idea of a pavilion is an interesting one; a temporary structure, possibly built to house displays of some kind, but which lacks a firm place in the world. Some of the other paintings in the exhibition picture other such structures or places, for example road flyovers and traffic islands.

Other paintings continue a preoccupation with moving through an urban landscape, one which is made from a combination of first hand experience and that of the world pictured through photography and film; this may include tourist publicity or images from a 1960s film showing new modernist housing on the edge of cities.

Following on from previous exhibitions at the Cross Gallery the preoccupation with embedded time remains; a sense of the past in the present, of absence and presence: that which endures through experience and memory.