Graham Crowley


9 October – 21 November


An exhibition of paintings by Graham Crowley will open on Thursday 9 October and will run until Saturday 21 November.


Crowley has long been struck by the vivid, electric colours often chosen by country dwellers in Ireland. Rather than blending in, one-off houses can positively leap out of their surrounding. His paintings are usually close to monochrome. Most of each image is rendered in terms of grey tones. Instead of being applied in a conventional way, pigment is scraped away and manipulated again in a brilliant background colour, a bright hue that suffuses and dominates each painting. This gives the works a psychedelic charge but doesn’t overbalance them. They still maintain a sure, classical poise. They acknowledge all sorts of visual sources and ideas, and synthesise them all brilliantly in the language of painting.


Graham was born in Romford in 1950. He studied at St. Martin’s School of Art London 1968-72 and Royal College of Art London 1972-75. He has held significant teaching posts including Professor of Painting at the RCA. Having spent many years in West Cork, since 2010 he now lives and works in Suffolk.