Hannah Brown

Not Just Yet

7 May - 30 May

Reception Thursday 7 May, 6pm-8pm


An exhibition of paintings by Hannah Brown will open on Thursday 7 May and will run until Saturday 30 May.

This exhibition was inspired by Victoria Park in East London – a park Hannah walked through almost every day for 8 years. Hannah wanted to document the parks form and composition as it changed through the seasons in order to retain a record, like a souvenir.

It is a space’s potential to be fictionalized that interests Hannah; generic spaces that are familiar, beautiful enough to be enjoyed but not necessary celebrated within the lexicon of the picturesque. It is the dark voids in the undergrowth, murky waters, and corners or areas that are claustrophobic that most often catch Hannah’s eye. These are places with a sense of foreboding; a sense that a body will be discovered or a crime is about to take place. Victoria Park encompasses that feeling – during the day the park is a space to be enjoyed: at night, a space to avoid.

Hannah paints by a set of rules that are not conscious but are born out of habit. Her paintings are always set between the months of May – October; all wildlife, flowers, people, structures, roads and blue skies are removed. The images are often taken in the evening at a time called civil dusk, towards the point when the park closes. As the light fades, the shapes in the foliage grow in potential as a backdrop for a drama, automatically romanticized by the blue hues and inability to make out every detail. For what is lost in precision is gained in illusion.

"These paintings are clearly a synthesis of the English landscape tradition and contemporary anxieties. But in spite of Hannah's paintings being executed with great precision they're far from photographic or mimetic. Their exquisite appearance is located in the actual painting as object and not in any apparent or illusory sense of
reality. These paintings are very much their own object, compact, solid and shiny. In order to make paintings of this precision it's necessary to concentrate on the task in hand, so a self-conscious sense of rhetoric is almost untenable."

by Graham Crowley (extract from 'A form of making').

Hannah Brown was born in Salisbury and is now based in London. She is a graduate from the Royal College of Art, London [2006]. Solo exhibitions include PayneShurvell Gallery, London 2014 & 2012; Barts Gallery, London 2009; and Gimpelfils, London 2006. Her work is included in numerous private and public collections, most notably the Victoria and Albert Museum.