Colin Crotty

'in between days'



Cross gallery are delighted to welcome Colin Crotty for his first solo show in the space. The show will preview on Thursday the 8th of May, from 6 - 8 pm, and will run until 7th June, 2014.

Crotty was born in 1974 in Waterford in the South of Ireland.  He studied Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork from 1993-97 and later completed his MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London, from 2003-4.  Selected exhibitions include Claremorris Open 2013; The Goethe-Institut, Dublin 2010; Compendium, Temple Bar Galleries, Dublin 2009. In 2014 will partake in a residency at the LIA Programme Leipzig.


There is a moment in between days that flickers with electricity in a half lit sky. It surges upwards into an empty space. It is an idea given life, it is a dream fading, it is a reflection in a puddle about to be stepped on. All manner of misleading truths are said at this time, and yet nothing is disclosed. We might imagine there will be more days like this, an endlessness of days to relive later on. So much time was spent waiting, until suddenly everything had been outgrown.

At this time of day, the slow drawl of daylight finds new angles, new meanings. Stories can happen in an instant, fragments form, someone young might die, another will grow old, forever. Shards of colour and light penetrate among the debris. It is not yet dark, and from the shadows, short lived tussles step out in twos or threes. Railings flank the way in or out, conversations go unheard, a snog makes up for an insult, and a group of friends on the verge of growing up, move on. That is their way; Halcyons in the night sky bearing witness.

Here on the edge of town, a fairgreen overhang catches the last from a falling sun. A generator kicks into life. Music belts with the smell of diesel and sweat and grease and sugarrush wafting through the air. A bulb flickers overhead and then sparkles. Soon, many more will follow and this entire universe will be lit up and pumping. Silvery light seeps through the dusk and works its magic on the blunt machinery and other contraptions that have been painted year on year since time began. Fresh life added by a brush stroke and rub of colour.

Still, we wait. We look on. We take a step closer, and at the same time pull further away, certain that we, too, will fall to ground like those who have been here in the days and nights before. All familiar faces will be forgotten, their bodies will wither beneath their hooded skin and old runners. This is their moment in between days; it is them all coming all at once, falling apart, flickering in the night sky, a rumble of anticipation, like on an evening when the Carnival is in town.

Colin Carters

Colin Carters is a writer based in Dublin, 2014