Cara Thorpe
'Lost and Found'

6 March - 12 April


Cara Thorpe returns to Cross gallery Dublin with a new body of work entitled ‘Lost and Found’.


For Thorpe, the title 'Lost and Found' refers to the process.  The artist starts with mark making and painting in scenes - losing one scene, obliterating it, then finding another. She constantly reworks the boards until the images start to suggest themselves, finding half imagined scenes within the paintings, with an ambiguity between malevolence and beauty.  The process is one of repetitive layers and scraped away surfaces against which shadows, silhouettes and flat areas of colour are preserved and allowed a residual presence.  


The artist plays with compositions from an archive of images such as abandoned buildings, forests, outer-space, mountain and snow scenes. These images are juxtaposed to create hauntingly distressed landscapes. The natural and man-made environments depicted are solitary places that seem to rest on the threshold of memory – places half imagined yet strangely familiar - evoking in the viewer feelings of mysterious uncertainty and a sense of the precarious position of man-kind in the world.


Cara Thorpe lives and works in Dublin. Since graduating from NCAD in 2000 she has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows across Ireland.