Michael Wann
‘shelter belt’

3rd October – 2nd November


Michael Wann is a Dublin born artist based for the last 23 years in Sligo.

‘shelther belt’ is his second solo show with the Cross Gallery.

This body of beautifully executed studies are meticulously observed remnants of lost moments, of obscured or discarded memories, of unconscious arbitrary events found in a local landscape: a pile of sticks in a field, a derelict habitat, a forgotten or neglected interior.

Wann allows the flawed elements of mark-making, the drip and smudge and simple dirt of his medium, to form an intrinsic part of the process, giving each finished work an honesty and a narrative that adds layers to his story.

Wann’s skill as a draftsman is not only his ability to engage us in a dialogue with the transience of captured moments, of melancholy introspection or of vague but enduring optimism; his work also serves to remind us of the powerful medium of drawing itself.