4 May - 27 May



The Cross Gallery is excited to announce its first exhibition of sculptures by Don Cronin. This exhibition will be opening Thursday, May 4th and will run till Saturday, the 27th of May.

The body of work presented here is the result of a sustained approach to the process of making, where works are produced slowly through a series of intuitive modifications and revisions. In a bid to avoid the predictable, seemingly resolved elements are repeatedly subject to dissection, reconstruction and manipulation into less obvious though essentially balanced formats. This process of progressive refinement towards an aesthetic resolution is what defines the compositions.

Much of the work contains echoes of urban structure and a concern with the aesthetics of the engineered element. Occasionally, this aspect overlies an organic substrate like a human intervention in the landscape.

 Don works in a variety of materials but most often in bronze, where aesthetic concerns are central. Based in his studio near Innishannon, Co. Cork, Don divides his time between work produced as public art and more intimate work produced for galleries.