What lies beneath by Niall MacMonagle    Niall MacMonagle reviews Blue Drift 3 by Graham Crowley for the Sunday Independent
   Celestial Rhapsody - Felim Egan reviewed by James O'Nolan for the IAR    It is tempting to see Felim Egan as both composer and conductor, setting out his theme, writes James O'Nolan of the artist's return to exhibition in Dublin.
   The Irish Times, Aidan Dunne: Three different ways to pass the Francis Bacon test    A talented trio focus on plants, backwoods scenes and crumbling facades
   Michael Wann at RHA 186th Annual    The ESB Keating Award and Silver Medal for an outstanding art work Awarded to Michael Wann.
   Le Cool Review John Boyd    Review of John Boyd's exhibition '8 Positions froma game of Tlön Uqbar'
   Simon English Showing at West Cork Arts Centre    15th January to 27th February, 2016
   'THE WANDERING ALBATROSS AND OTHER STORIES' - SUNDAY INDEPENDENT     Niall MacMonagle's Review of Mary Rose Binchy's latest exhibition in The Sunday Independent's Living Section
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